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First Impressions
The Hand That Makes The Difference
First Impressions of the new All-Inclusive Lend-A-Hand from the Occupational Therapists at the  Courage Centers in Stillwater & Burnsville, MN    1. What is your impression on ease of use, functionality, and construction? Lisa Rae Caturia – “I think it’s Great” Carissa Kusilek – “Very practical & can be applied in multiple settings/activities” Natalie Fischer – “Ease of use seems great – especially with the examples. The functionality seems like it is very universal and could be used in daily living and self-care skills. The instruction seems easy to use and user – friendly”. Unknown Therapist #1 – “Great Invention, Very accessible product” Unknown Therapist #2 – “Client has high ease of use, functional for a variety of purposes, I like that it is small and mobile”. Katie Pieper: “Good Construction & I like the variety of uses of this item” 2. Can you think of any special uses for the Lend A Hand® other than the ones outlined in the literature? Natalie Fischer – “Self-care skills: toileting, showering, brushing hair, teeth, dressing while using other adaptive equipment with handles”. Unknown Therapist #2 – “I feel the options are endless and clients will be the ones to find new possibilities”. Katie Pieper: “Also think about individuals that have decreased use of other or both hands. Example: (Loops) on the Straps.” 3.  What is your overall impression of the Lend A Hand® product? Lisa Rae Caturia – “I think it’s Great” Natalie Fischer – “Excellent & very functional” Unknown Therapist #1 – “Great Idea, Wonderful applications to assist in ones use of affected side & to protect unaffected side from overuse”. Unknown Therapist #2 – “I like that the product is versatile & has many purposes”. Katie Pieper: “Good, Reasonable Cost.” 4.  How would you improve the product and possibly the design? Carissa Kusilek – “Help with funding & attempting to get insurance to help with paying” Natalie Fischer – “Have more sizes – shorter, longer for different arm sizes” Unknown Therapist #1 – “No idea yet” Unknown Therapist #2 – “More color options & sizes to make more appropriate for children” Katie Pieper: “Smaller size for kids.” 5.  Do you feel this is a life changing Assistive Device for you or your individual patient? Lisa Rae Caturia – “Yes, for Patients” Carissa Kusilek – “Yes, for Patients” Natalie Fischer – “I feel like it has a lot of potential, depending on the client & the success they have with it – goals”. Unknown Therapist #1 – “ Yes “ Unknown Therapist #2 – “Making them more independent in daily activities” Katie Pieper: “The best part of the product is the idea of use and return of motion and muscle strength.”