All Inclusive Lend-A-Hand®  Includes two top straps for securing and tightening tools into  the Lend-A-Hand. Beautiful black rugged ballistic nylon  exterior, foam-brushed tricot interior, color-coded easy-access  sleeve (available in 4 colors), Extra plush padded base for  added comfort. Includes 5 interchangeable/ reversible straps  for the perfect fit.  $129.95   
Original Lend-A-Hand®  Beautiful black rugged ballistic nylon exterior, foam-brushed  tricot interior, color-coded easy-access sleeve (available in 4  colors), Plush padded base for comfort. Includes 5  interchangeable/ reversible straps for the perfect fit.  $99.95   
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The Hand That Makes The Difference
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Bumper Caddy® Bumper Caddy® is a revolutionary golf cart accessory. It  hooks on the golf cart bumper in seconds and adjusts to fit  any golf cart. Bumper Caddy® keeps your spikes, clubs, and  balls clean and your beverages cold. Not available at this time  
Cooler Jacket Water Resistant, 100% Nylon Cordura Cooler cover, offered  in REALTREE® Hardwood 20-200™ and ADVANTAGE®  Wetlands Camo. Adjusts to fit 10 qt. Rubbermaid Cooler, 8  qt. Coleman Cooler and 7 qt. Igloo Little Playmate Cooler. Not available at this time   
Easypar® Golfing Made Easy! Golf GPS System features easy to read,  operate and understand Touchscreen. Stores unlimited  courses. Windows based, Multi-purpose unit (GPS, Email,  Day Planner, Internet, etc.) Not available at this time   
Cohesive Wrap Cohesive Wrap is used to add additional width to items you  want to use in the Lend-A-Hand. Simply wrap the handle in  the proper amount of Cohesive Wrap and you’ll get a nice,  snug fit. Comes off easily and cleanly. $2.20   
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Short Strap The short strap is used if the user has a very small arm. The  short strap is not included with the All-Inclusive Lend-A-  Hand (which includes 5 longer straps). Order the short strap  along with a Lend-A-Hand and the short strap ships free.  $3.45